About the Business

Bottleguardian is a husband and wife owned small business located in Houston Texas, utilizing American suppliers.

Our goal is to provide a quality product at an honest price.

About Bottleguardian Travel Case

Due to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, we are no longer allowed to carry wine and liquor bottles in our carry-on baggage.

We are now required to pack them in our checked luggage amongst our clothing and other personal articles.

We assume that our checked luggage is handled with care, but unfortunately baggage is regularly subjected to rough treatment that would cause a wine or liquor bottle to break, causing stains to our clothing, resulting in expensive dry cleaning bills and possibly the loss of a special gift or souvenir.

Bottleguardian Travel Case is designed to ease this process by offering proper protection to your bottles.

The case size accommodates most common 750 ml wine bottles and most common liquor bottles within its protective shell.

There are however oddly shaped bottles that will not fit within Bottleguardian Travel Case, but many will.

To save space, when not in use, the top of the Bottleguardian Travel Case can be inverted and screwed into the bottom.

Bottleguardian Travel Case uses a rubber seal at the threaded connection between the two halves that make up the Bottleguardian. When properly closed, if the bottle inside breaks, this threaded connection will contain the liquid within the Bottleguardian Case and your clothing will not be stained and covered in glass.

Bottleguardian Travel Case is injection molded using durable, chemical resistant, light weight, long lasting, virgin, high density polyethylene (HDPE). No recycled plastics are used. Clean, unadulterated plastic means the integrity of the case is not compromised.

Occasionally, there may be color imperfections or blemishes due to the injection molding process, or switching from one color HDPE to another. We do our best not to ship these blemishes to our customers. If you happen to receive one with a blemish, be assured that this is cosmetic only and will not affect the integrity of the part. However, if you wish to exchange or return it for a refund, please refer to our return policy page.

Bottleguardian's 5/32" thick walls are strong. When used properly, it will protect your bottle from most blows and impacts due to rough handling, or from being crushed under a pile of other luggage, like in a cargo hold. These strong walls help to ensure that your bottle will arrive to your destination intact.

Traveling is stressful. Knowing that your liquid souvenir will safely endure the journey and that your clothing and other keepsakes will not be damaged from a broken bottle will help to eliminate some of that worry and let you enjoy the fun.

Safe Journeys.

How our idea progressed...

Homemade prototype 1

Homemade prototype 2

3D print

Injection molded